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Because I love cooking and kids have fun playing around working in the kitchen, we’re going to try to incorporate kid-friendly recipes on the blog each week. This week, we have a recipe that has the possibility of getting REALLY messy!  We’re going to make some chocolate marshmallow bats, with cupcake liner wings.


First, grab some marshmallows, 1/4 cup butter, 1 square of Baker’s chocolate, 1 chocolate licorice stick (ears), two cupcake liners (wings), toothpicks (to hold the marshmallow body together), and some small candies (eyes).

butter & chocolate

Put the butter and chocolate into a bowl (don’t use a plastic bowl – take my word for it, it comes out VERY BADLY) and have an adult put it in the microwave for 1 minute.

bartie & batty

Look, Bartie & Batty have shown up to “help”. Really, they just want to eat the final product:)

cupcake wrappers

While the butter & chocolate are melting, fold the cupcake liners in half.
melted chocolate

Have your grownup take out the bowl – careful, it may be hot! Look, all the butter has melted perfectly. It doesn’t look like the chocolate did much, but just wait! Once you take a spoon and start the mixing process, you’ll see that it really is very soft and mixes easily.


Doesn’t that look yummy? I could (and have) eaten it straight out of the bowl. Divine!


Pile the marshmallows on top of one another like blocks.

marsh touchup

Really, is there anything prettier than chocolate drizzling down the creamy white marshmallows? Not tonight, there’s not!

drizzling touchup
My mouth is watering already!

Take a knife and carefully cut two small pieces from the chocolate licorice stick. You can also just pinch a small piece off if you’re feeling particularly pinchy. Just remember to keep it small – it has to fit on top of the marshmallows!

choc bats

Put your chocolate licorice ears on top of your chocolate covered bats. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate – my mind is singing a happy song!


Use two small candies for the eyes – you’re going to have to hold onto the back of the bat and press hard to make sure they stick properly. Are you prepared to get chocolate all over your fingers? Because if you’re not up to the task, just let me know and I’ll come over and do it for you. I can’t get enough of this stuff, and I’m not above licking my fingers in front of strangers. Okay, enough about my bad habits – back to the bats. Put a little bit of the chocolate on the cupcake liner wings to act as the glue. Press it into the back of the bat and hold for a second or two, to give it time to stick.

And voila! Bats so easy a child could make them! And mine look like a child did make them but I’m okay with that because, like a child, I ate all the evidence:)



geoffreyGeoffrey here, the Fragile Earth Orphanage Librarian, highlighting one of the newest books to hit our library shelves. Our book of the week is Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies. And we’re proud to have one of the young bats from the story staying with us at the orphanage, bats at the beachso I’ll let him tell you all about the book.

title page

Do you ever wonder what happens at the beach, after the sun goes down? When people have left for the day?

Sun slips down and all is still,

and soon we can’t tell sky from hill.

Now from barn and cave and rafter,

bats pour out with shrieks of laughter.

The rising moon can grow no fatter

as sky lights up with gleeful chatter;

Quick, call out! Tell all you can reach –

the moon is just perfect for bats at the beach!

And that’s when other species hit the waves!


Some are braver than others – some don’t make it in past their ankles!

shivering bat

We have bonfires …

bonfireand roast bugmallows ….

bugmallowsWhat do you do at the beach?

Just a quick note – some other great bat themed books are Stellaluna by Jannell Cannon, Bats on Parade  and others by Kathi Appelt, and the ever entertaining Magic School Bus series by Joanna Cole .


Author’s birthdays this week –

September 26 – Bernard Waber, from Lyle, Lyle Crocodile


fame. While he’s not our gators,

Jellycat Junglie Gator

Jellycat Junglie Gator

Jellycat Cordy Roy Gator

Jellycat Cordy Roy Gator

Lyle is a perennial favorite here in the Fragile Earth Orphanage.

September 30 – Edgar D’Aulaire is 1/2 of a truly creative couple of author/illustrators. I have copies of their books of Greek Mythology


and Norse Mythology


that I got when I was 10, and I still refer to them to this day. The illustrations are gorgeous – full of color, just the way I like them!

October 3 – Munro Leaf, the author of The Story of Ferdinand


This story holds a special place in our hearts because our wonderful Fiona


was the living example of Ferdinand. She always had to stop and smell all, and I stress all, the flowers. Walks with her were extended, to say the least.

It’s a Brand New Blog


Well, not really. But we have been working very hard to update the blog homestead. (whisper) Actually, the techies have been working their fingers to the bone on this new site. I’ve been having a bit of a lie-in, but don’t let them know! Anyway, I’m back and I’m better than ever!

This is definitely a work in progress. I’m hoping that we’ll soon have separate pages for all my different interests and such, because I’ve got big plans for this blog! I’m going to be doing some cooking ideas that can be done by kids of all ages, even you! I want a craft page where we can make fun things together – I’m letting my creative juices flow here! And I think there should be a page for all my books. I have a lot of really good stories in my library that I’m excited to share with all of you. The techies are telling me that there will be a page devoted to all the other members of the Fragile Earth Orphanage as well, which is good because they deserve a chance to shine as well.

Now, if I could only get the techies to move at my speed, we’d be up and running by now. But they insist on stopping for piddly little things like eating and sleeping. Ah, well – if it keeps them happy, I suppose I can wait a little bit longer.