Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the decorations, the pumpkins, the stories. There are some great children’s books out there about Halloween. How Spider Saved Halloween, The Dorrie Books, and this book – Scary, Scary Halloween by Eve Bunting.


I peer outside, there’s something there

That makes me shiver, spikes my hair.

It must be Halloween.

1st page

A ghost goes triling, drifting by

With sunken mouth and sunken eye

Ghosts rise on Halloween.

Little ones, stay safe inside!

It’s best to stay at home and hide

on hallowed Halloween.

A vampire and a werewolf prowl

One growls a growl, one howls a howl

In praise of Halloween.


Two witches, grinning witchy grins

Have pointy hats and pointy chins

They’re here for Halloween

under porch

Who is hiding under the porch, afraid of the ghosts and witches? Who’s spooky eyes are those? We have to wait for the monsters to go away and then …


It’s quiet now, the monster’s gone,

The streets are ours until the dawn.

We’re out, we prowlers of the night

Who snap and snarl and claw and bite.



Now they’re not so scary! Especially the little black one …

cats 2

as a matter of fact, he reminds me of one of my favorite felines


Eve Bunting’s words and Jan Brett’s illustrations are a wonderful combination. I would love for Jan Brett to make me this costume – look at all the details!



One response to “HALLOWEEN CATS!

  1. Joe the Pumpkin King

    I love your site. Likewise, my favorite holiday is Halloween. I actually grow halloween pumpkins and give them to everyone for seasonal gifts, and my favorite animal is cats (especially black ones.)
    Children love to visit me on Halloween Night. In addition to giving candy to trick or treaters, I often give them free movies on vhs and dvd. The movies are sometimes cartoons and sometimes more intense. But, always they are about Halloween. The best dressed lil witch gets a special keep sake witch filled with candy. The parents as well as the children enjoy watching my cauldron that burns with green, orange or blue flames. So my hat’s off to you for your nice web site. Maybe next time, I will send you some pictures of the beautiful wooden decorations that I make in my Craft shop. Blessed Be to all and have a Super Halloween.

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