I’ve got some friends helping out in the kitchen tonight. Bad Kitty brought two friends to join in the fun. Thomas the Bashful JellyCat Kitten and Andrew the Medium Bunglie JellyCat Cat came to lend their expertise.

The bats got to make something – we want to make something too!

What can we make? They got to make bats, so can we make cats?

Well, let’s see what we have in the cabinet. We’ve got some chocolate cookies, and some icing – we should be able to come up with something.

cat cookies 1

Let’s take two cookies – put one on a plate. If you’ve got a colorful Halloween plate, all the better! This cookie is going to be the face of our cat. Then break or cut the second cookie in half.

cat cookie 2

Cut one of the halves into three pointy pieces. What do you think they look like?

Like triangles?

What part of a cat do they look like?

Triangle parts?

How ’bout we put two aside for the ears and you can eat the third piece. You don’t want your cat to be a mutant with three ears, do you?

No … well, maybe.  No, definitely not.

I didn’t think so!

cat cookie 3

Squeeze a line of gel along the edge of the pointy piece. This is going to be the glue holding the parts together.  Smush it up against the top of your “cat head”  to make it stick.

cat cookie 4

Do the same thing with the 2nd pointy piece.

Cat Cookie 5

Now, using the white icing, add two dots for eyes.

cat cookie 6

And don’t forget the whiskers.

cat cookie 7

Doesn’t that look yummy? And aren’t you getting a little close to the plate? And, WHO I wonder took a bite out of that cookie? Hmmm?


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