** Updated to add – contest end date **

This week, in keeping with our theme of monsters, we’re giving away a free Monster Madness Game from Peaceable Kingdom Press. front

The game comes in a sturdy cardboard box that holds 48 tiles, 4 monster playing pieces, a spinner and a game board. The tiles and game board are made of the same sturdy, laminated cardboard.


There are instructions for two different games, one basic and one a little more challenging. However, the tiles would also be great for Concentration (also known as Memory) – remember that game? We used to play with a deck of cards, but sometimes colorful monsters are fun too!


The instructions say that this is a game for 2-4 people, ages 4+, however, as with any game, it’s limited only by your imagination!

How easy is it to enter to win this game? Just leave a comment. Any comment. Please make it a nice comment. I’d hate to send the game to someone who said something nasty.  Also, make sure you leave us a way to contact you. How awful if you win and we can’t tell you? Contest will end Friday night (10/16) and we’ll pick a winner Saturday morning.



  1. Well, since I hear the odds are pretty darn good in your contests :), I figured I’d stop by and throw my name in the hat! Those are darn cute monsters!

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