It’s time for our weekly freebie here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals. This week, we’re giving away four, count them – 4 (if you have problems, the Count will help you, ah, ah, ahhh), workbooks for kids ages 2 and up.

all 4

And to help us explain what a great prize this is, we have one of the aliens from the hysterical book Aliens Love Underpants. Please note, the alien is NOT part of the give away!


My mom told me I have to try to fit in on this world and the best way to learn is to go to school. But I’m not ready for school yet so I’m going to study these books to learn everything I need to know before I start kindergarten.


Everyone talks about colors all the time! I know some colors –

color 3

like green, that’s my color!

color 4

And red? That’s the color of my underpants (hee, hee!)

color 5

If I match the bows, can I have one for my hair? Which one will look best in my hair? What do you mean, bows are only for girls? That’s just silly!

counting 1

Counting is easy. I have one eye and two feet and a gazillion blue hairs! Not a gazillion? 70 billion? I get confused after 5 so maybe I’d better use this book a little.

number 3

I know I need help writing my numbers so this is good.

number 4

And counting big numbers. Is one four bigger than a gazillion?

letters 1

Mmm! Cookies! What? This isn’t about making cookies?

letter 2

Ohhh, letters! I know that letter – that starts alien.

letter 4

Oooohh, mazes. Look – Telly is at the end waiting for you to finish!


Math? What’s math? You learn it after counting? Okay, if you say so!

math 3

Dot to dots? I love dot to dots!

math 4

And look, Telly has ideas for activities to use with more advanced kids. That’s cool. I can use them when I’m done learning the basics.

math 6

What is this adding you keep going on about? You mean, if I take one fish and then get another one, I’ll have two fish? Do I get to eat the fish? Then why do I care how many fish I have?

If you think that this prize would be good for your child, please just leave a comment before Saturday morning. First thing Saturday, we’ll pick a winner and mail the books out on Monday. Please make sure you leave a way for us to contact you in the comments so we can let you know when you win. So far, we’ve had one commenter for each give away post, so your odds are pretty good! Don’t forget, the prize is the books – not the alien.



  1. These are great. We used them with my goddaughter and she had fun, as well as learned a great deal….

  2. Aliens love underpants is the best book ever my kids love it!

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