Here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, we love making easy (I stress EASY) holiday decorations.  This one is perfect to use as a treat/goody bag for your child’s Halloween/Class Fall Party and it came from Martha Stewart. Who else would think to make a broomstick out of some paperbags and sticks found in the yard?

broomstick 1

Here’s what you’ll need – two paper bags, a pair of scissors, some red ribbon, a stick (for the handle), some candy corn (and other goodies to go in the bag), and a monster to help you make the treats.

broomstick 2

Since the sticks came in from outside, I wrapped the bottom with some plastic wrap so no dirt or grit could fall into the candy.

broomstick 3

Take one bag and push the bottom out, but make sure the sides are tucked in. Using the scissors, cut that bag into thin strips from the top to the base.

broomstick 4

Make sure you don’t cut through the base, though.

broomstick 5

On the second bag, cut thin strips about 1 to 2 inches down the bag.

broomstick 6

Put the bag that you cut only a little bit inside the bag that’s cut into long strips. Then, take your monster out of the bag – that’s where the candy goes.

broomstick 7

Add some candy corn and other goodies to the inner bag.

broomstick 8

Take your monster out of the bag – candy corn is VERY BAD for monsters!

broomstick 9

Gather all the fringed edges around the handle and wind the ribbon around it. There you have it – one broomstick full of goodies.

broomstick 10

A broomstick so good, your monster will want to ride it. Probably trying to take it somewhere safe so he can eat the goodies inside.



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