I remember reading the Georgie books all through my childhood and was so excited to find some when I started teaching kindergarten. I loved sharing books that meant a lot to me with a new batch of kids every year.

The first Georgie book was published in 1944 and 11 more followed. They all involved Mr & Mrs. Whittaker, the owners of the house that Georgie haunts, Miss Oliver the owl, Herman the cat, and of course Georgie, the friendly ghost.

georgie 1

In Georgie and the Noisy Ghost, written in 1971, Georgie & crew move out to a house on the beach that the Whittakers have rented for the summer. Everyone knows that houses should only have one ghost haunting them. So what happens when a family with a ghost moves into a house that is already occupied by another spirit?

georgie 2

First they travel by car,

georgie 3

then by boat. What? Don’t you arrive at your new house in the middle of the night?

georgie 4

But wait, who’s that!

georgie 5

You’ll just have to read it yourself:)

One thing to keep in mind with these books – they do tend to be a bit wordy so if you’ve got avid listeners, you’re good. Otherwise, you might want to paraphrase or plan to read it in stages.


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