THE GHOSTS DINNER by Jacques Duquennoy

ghosts 1

ghosts 2

I love it when ghosts get together for dinner.

ghosts 3

Want to know why? They become the color of whatever they eat/drink.

ghosts 4

Green for spinach juice?

ghosts 5

What other kind of juices did they have? Blueberry? Strawberry? It just boggles the mind!

ghosts 6

I always turn orange when I eat Pumpkin soup. I love that the ones that had seconds are a darker orange.

ghosts 7

ghosts 8

How funny is it that they look like the lettuce and the cheese? Who can tell me what type of cheese they’re eating:D

ghosts 9

There are times when I could really use this magic dessert recipe.

ghosts 10

ghosts 11

Good friends are the ones that help you clean up at the end of a dinner party.

ghosts 12

This surprises me a little (although maybe not that much knowing my penchants for chocolate), but I love the color brown they turn after drinking hot chocolate. And I usually don’t like brown at all. But this is such a warm, rich color. I’m thinking the ghost in the middle is overdoing his chocolate to milk ratio, just a bit!

ghosts 13

Oh, and the bowls they are using for their milk? They would make AWESOME ice cream dishes. I’m just saying!

Posted by Mary Beth


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