I apologize for the lack of posts this past week. The techies have been very sick – the flu’s been running rampant ’round these parts. Hopefully, we’re on our way back to normal, or our version of normal at least. We’re going to try and get everything up and running smoothly again this week, fingers (and paws) crossed:)

The techies didn’t let being under the weather stop them from welcoming some new friends to the Fragile Earth Orphanage. Let me introduce you to the Cordy Roys clan – brand new from the land of JellyCat.

First, we have the kitten – sporting a lovely raspberry coat and coming in at a respectable 10″.


Jellycat Cordy Roy Small Cat - $11.99

Next we have Gator who’s soft green coloring allows him to hide in the marshes or wherever his little heart desires. And hiding that 15″ body is not always easy, let him tell you!


Jellycat Cordy Roy Gator - $21.99

The aardvark is near and dear to one of the techie’s hearts just because of her love of all things orange! And, as with all the Cordy Roys, his soft coat makes him perfect to cuddle-up with. Another 15 incher means there’s all the more to love!


Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark - $21.99

A companion to the kitten, this soft blue puppy is 10 inches of love, trust me!


Jellycat Cordy Roy Small Dog - $11.99


Jellycat Cordy Roy Dachsund - $21.99

For all you dachshund lovers out there – here he is! Slightly darker than the kitten, he’s the perfect addition to your life. And believe me, he’s ready to go home with everyone. 

All our Cordy Roys are just waiting to be adopted and taken home for the holidays. You can get all their particulars by clicking on the links or by going to Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals and searching Cordy Roys.

submitted by Rupert

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