When I was teaching Kindergarten, I spent November teaching Native American Legends. And since a rather large bird takes center stage later in the month, we here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals thought it would be fun to highlight some bird myths. If you follow Rupert on Twitter, you might have noticed that he spent today tweeting about crows. If I had gotten my assignment done on time, they would have made a lot more sense.

Let’s start with a legend from the Brule Sioux describing how Crow became black. Originally crows were white and good friends with the buffalo. Whenever the hunters came to capture the buffalo, the crows would fly among the animals and let them know that hunters were coming. Then the buffalo would stampede and be gone by the time man arrived. The people decided they had to capture the leader of the crows and teach him a lesson. One of the warriors pretended to be a buffalo and tricked the bird. While the people were trying to decide how to punish Crow, one angry hunter decided to throw him into the fire and burn him. The crow did escape but before he flew away, his wings got singed and from then on, crows have been black.

posted by Mary Beth


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