GIVEAWAY – Paper Airplane Book

Do you know someone, young or old, who loves paper airplanes? Then, have we got the giveaway for you! Periodically, publishers send us books to inspect, to see if we’d like to try selling them in our store. Despite having the family desire of running an independent bookstore, we’ve discovered that we cannot compete with the mega-stores as far as books are concerned, so we remain at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals purely about the plush. However, nothing was said about giving away the books, so you guys have a chance to score this lovely book for FREE!


Welcome to the Kids Paper Air Plane Book by Ken Blackburn and Jeff Lammers, published by Workman Publishing. This book has all sorts of great information about how to fly paper (and regular) airplanes –


including the forces of dynamics such as lift.


It features games to play inside,

games indoors

instructions on making an airplane mobile,

airplane mobile

and how to hold airplane flying contests, amongst lots of other projects.

paper airplane contest

But best of all, there are instructions on making lots of different airplanes, like the butterfly plane

butterfly 1

AND the book also provides colored copies of the plane.

butterfly 2

For the hungry among us, there’s the pizza plane


pizza 2

and for the truly adventurous, there’s the count plane

scary 1

scary 2

That’s just three examples – the book is full of different types of paper airplanes, gliders, etc.  And  they give you three (count them 3) copies of each plane. Not only that, in a stroke of genius for those of us that routinely tear the pages as we try to remove them from the book, the pages are all PERFORATED!


Removal made easy, baby!

This book could be the perfect gift for the aviator in your family, covering all manner of information about paper and real airplanes.


And don’t let the word kids in the title fool you – I know folks of all ages who would love this book. As a matter of fact, there are a few that are a little upset that we’re giving it away. Know someone who’d like this for the holidays? All you have to do is leave a comment. You have til Friday night and we’ll pick a winner on Saturday morning. Everyone is eligible so comment away!

Many thanks to Workman Publishing for sending us this book to peruse.

2 responses to “GIVEAWAY – Paper Airplane Book

  1. I am a teacher and I recently had a paper airplane competition with the kids in my class – they really enjoyed it and their designs were really creative. This book would be a great help for some of the kids who do not have as many ideas!

  2. My son would love this book… he can’t seem to get his airplanes to fly!

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