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Zebras can climb?

Did you know zebras could climb?

Here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, we gather a rare breed of animals that can do almost anything the imagination conceives. Our Junglie Zebra is not content to remain with four feet on the ground at all times. In his mind, he is scaling the Alps and who are we to bring him back to terra firma?

I just hope his landing skills are equal to his climbing! I’m not convinced yet …

Oh, dear – I’d better dig out the landing gear!



Wanted:  “Almost dragon” looking for one saint to come play for the day. Will take Georges, Patricks, Theresas, even Emmelines. Any and all may apply. Very Important: There will be NO SLAYING of said dragon! Make all inquiries at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals.

I know I’m not a real dragon, but I want to be one when I grow up so that totally counts, right?


When I was younger, I was intrigued with horses. I was sure I was supposed to be involved with them in one form or another – either as a jockey (for the danger) or as a rich owner who just went around buying horses willy-nilly (for the …. well, for the wealth). When I was 10 or 12, we went to get pumpkins for my birthday (late October birthdays rock!) and they had a horse that you could “ride” around the paddock, led by a trainer.  As a birthday treat, my parents let me ride her and it was one of those times where I felt pure joy.

Horses have yet to enter my adult life and I have learned to settle for a house full of cats & dogs, and a business full of stuffed animals. But every now and then, usually while I’m dreaming, they resurface and I feel that elation again.

It’s good to see that at least one of the denizens of Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals shares my love, even if he’s not quite sure which way he should be facing. The Bunglie Bunny also harbors hidden dreams of racing around the track,

hearing the beating of hooves behind him as he reaches that final hurdle,

and crosses the finish line first to thunderous applause. At which point, he will lean back in his saddle and bask in the glory!


Ever have one of those days where you’re just really, really bored? So you try sitting on different things until someone tells you to stop breaking all their fine furniture? And then you get thrown outside to amuse yourself? No, just me then …

If I can’t sit on stuff inside, then I’ll just find somewhere outside to rest my tush.

Hang on baby, Friday’s coming! Remember those posters from the 80’s? Yeah, I wasn’t around then either but I hear things.

Make sure you get my good side. Is it the profile?

Or the head-on look? You tell me – I think both are pretty marvelous!

Our Hoolaroo Croc got his hands on the camera when he was thrown outside and took some candid photos.


Did you climb trees as a kid? We had a crab-apple tree in our backyard that we would go and sit in the crook of the branches and drop apples on the heads of our siblings. Our Bunglie Pig has shinnied up the nearest tree to recline along the branches and

look down on all the residents of Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do.

Oh, yes! And the swing! He loves to climb up and swing in the swing.

Em, excuse me? Would mind giving me a push?


Our Cordy Aardvark is off on an expedition to find the giant rabbit statue. Wading through the tall grass, he sees his objective in the distance.

Look! It’s huge!

Quick! get a picture. We’re now best buds:)

Be careful of the white fluffy bits – once you touch them, the black beasts come to get you. And you don’t want that, trust me!