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I was so excited to find this picture at *visual* vamp’s blog for her sneek peak at the movie Earthbound that is being filmed in New Orleans.

Her blog post shows how they let her go behind the scenes and see the sets. Valorie Hart (the *visual* vamp) was kind enough to let us use one of  her pictures, which are amazing! See all that glorious color that I adore? But look!  In the container! Those are our Jellycat Cordy Roy’s, ready to hit the set of the new movie. Do you think they might get top listing, right behind Kate Hudson & Whoopi Goldberg?

Of course, here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, we consider them a breed apart and give them star billing!

The Cordy Roy Gator can’t wait to get back to that warm weather but I’m not sure whether the  Cordy Roy Cat can take the heat and humidity. You have no idea what it does to a girl’s hair-do!

And, if I’m not mistaken, that is the Cordy Roy Bunny trying desperately to get in the picture. Arm. Ear. He’s not particular. Just get him up on the silver screen.

Thank you Valorie for sharing your blog and beautiful pictures with us. We anticipate losing several hours reading your posts!



As her latest school year draws to a close, Junie B. Jones is getting ready for her summer vacation. And she’s stopped by Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals for a brief visit. But be sure to get her quickly because she never stays in one place very long!

And if you’ve got some Junie fans at home, check out her website and you can find her books on Amazon here


We are very proud to announce our newest additions to the Fragile Earth Stuffed Animal Family!

Date Arrived:     5/4/10

Weight:               8 oz

Height:               7″

Species:             Insect

Could they be any cuter???

And at $6.99, could they be any cheaper?


The Fragile Earth Stuffed Animal detectives are on the job! They’ve gotten their copy of the book The Clock Without  A Face by Scott Teplin, Mac Barnett, & Eli Horowitz and are eagerly trying to solve the mysteries.

From the back of the book: This much is true … twelve emerald studded numbers, each handmade & one of a a kind, have been buried in twelve holes strewn across the country. These treasures will belong to whoever finds them first. The clues to their locations lurk within these thirteen floors.

So the little Cordys are studying the pictures trying to find clues.

They’ve got their magnifying glass and their list. I think they found the unicycle!

Will they be the ones to find the emerald numbers?