World Cup Fever continues here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals. Our Llama, in his red pajamas, has been cheering on his native Argentina. He’s determined to dye his pajamas light blue & white for the team colors but we won’t let him because then he won’t match his book. He only knows that one line from the song so he just sings it over and over and over and over and …. well, you get the idea!

Llama decided to take a quick break from soccer and give you some interesting facts about his species:

  • Llamas originated in the central plains of North America over 40 million years ago. They migrated to South American and Asia about 3 million years ago. By the end of the last ice age, they were extinct in North America. {citation}
  • Llamas do not have eyelashes, which saves them a ton of money on mascara
  • Llamas are being used to guard herd animals such as sheep. They can keep the herd safe from predators while needing minimum training, care & maintenance. Our llama is fascinated by this and wants to become a guard llama when he grows up. Unfortunately, he has decided to herd the tots, and they are NOT taking it well. If you’ll excuse me for just a moment ….
  • The Incan deity Urcuchillay, worshipped by herders, is depicted as a multi-color llama.

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