Word was sent to me about another stamp hidden in a letterbox right here on Long Beach Island. I was warned that others were close to acquiring said stamp so I had to be on my way immediately. I readied my trusty steed Dickon …

got my driver finally into the car, and we were off to the far end of the island where this behemoth stands a lonely vigil.

As we drew close to the hiding place, I could see my adversaries closing in. “Faster” I called to my crack team and, with a mixture of a little perseverance and a lot of luck, although we were 2nd on the scene, we were 1st to open the box and see the long sought for Jersey Devil stamp. (Sorry, for that you’ll have to find the box yourself. We letterboxers are sworn to secrecy on these matters.)

Let it be known that I’m not above getting my paws dirty to find my man stamp!


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