“I’m sorry but that item has been discontinued” is something a retailer never wants to hear from their manufacturers. They only say it about items that are selling well because  you don’t ask about things that sit around for any length of time. Those, you just pray someone will finally buy.

There are reasons a supplier stops carrying certain items. If it’s a licensed character and they lose the license, by law they can not make them anymore.

Some manufacturers decide to stop making items because they like to rotate their stock, never keeping one thing for very long.

One of our vendors told us that their company was trying to raise their average price point (how much they charge for each item) by getting rid of all the smaller items in their arsenal.

Whatever the reason, inventory items come and go. As a retailer, you can throw a hissy fit – which we have been tempted to do on more than one occasion –

but it doesn’t do any good. They never change their minds (trust me, I know this) and all you do is look like a fool. Or you can stoically push your feelings aside and wait to see what is coming because most of the time, they are clearing their product line for new items.

And, once in a very great while, a license gets renewed or the manufacturer has a change of heart and old items come back again. And on those days, you do the happy dance!

Today is one of those days! We just found out that one of our favorite items will be re-released and we can’t be happier about it. As soon as we find out more about release dates, we’ll let you know who it is. Until then, want to hazard a guess?


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