Accidents Happen

In our store, Helen and I are it. There are no minions, not even a lackey. So when accidents happen, we are to blame. Last week, our printer went on the fritz in the middle of printing our shipping labels. Clearing paper jams are not my favorite thing to do, but when sticky labels are involved, usually stuck to tiny little cogs deep in the heart of the machine, there may be some blasphemy involved. And some kicking.

On this particular occasion, the printer jammed half-way through a label. When we finally gave in and agreed that we had cleared our last paper jam, I sent all the labels to my work computer to print there and we arranged to buy a new printer the following night. Somehow, the label that caused all the problems did not get sent with the others and therefore did not get printed.  So when we brought the labels home at lunch to put on the packages, we had an envelope with no shipping information. A quick check let us know who the poor package belonged to and I arranged to print that one label in the afternoon.

We did get the label printed, tucked it on the package and we dropped everything off at the post office. A few days later, we got an email from one of our customers thanking us not only for the items he/she had bought, but for two extra ones they weren’t expecting. There was an invoice in the second package addressed to someone completely different. I had printed the wrong label and sent the problem package to the wrong address.

After apologizing for the mistake, we asked them to send the package back and we’d refund them the cost of the postage. But they suggested that they just send it directly to the address it was originally supposed to go, saving us the hassle of waiting for it to get to us before we could send it out again. How cool is that?

Much as I would like to think of myself as a superwoman, capable of not only doing everything but doing it with a smile, darn it, I am human and make mistakes. It’s how you fix the mistakes that matters. And if you’re lucky enough to have amazing customers the way we do, it makes the fixing part that much easier.


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