When you order something online, at the bottom of your bill will be your shipping (sometimes called shipping and handling) fees. What exactly are those? Obviously, the cost of postage to ship the package to you is a part of this amount but most times, there are extra charges in there as well.

In the case of Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, some of the costs you might not be aware of are:  the price of the envelope or box your purchase is shipped in; the salary for the person who packs the item; transaction fees to the websites (Amazon, eBay, etc.) hosting our store; and transportation costs to get the package to the post office.

One of the eye-openers we encountered when we first started our online store was how many fees are involved. There is a fee to list the item, one when the item sells, and one for Paypal (or whatever site is handling your credit card sales). Every shipping and handling fee only covers a small portion of the above mentioned costs, otherwise our shipping charges would be exorbitant.


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