Location, location, location! The old real estate adage is true – picking the right spot for your business can make or break it. We wanted a spot where there was heavy foot traffic. I sometimes see eye-cathing windows in stores as I go speeding past on a busy street, but by the time I hit the next traffic light, I’ve forgotten them and I never go back. I have found some great shops while walking around, but they’ve all been on street level. I don’t think to look to the second floor because I’m so used to buildings that have apartments on that level. This was our main concern with one of the stores in Fair Haven.

Store on the 2nd floor

Unlike the Bridal Shop,

Bridal Shop

which was just too big and had a huge blind spot for anyone working the register, the 2nd shop was a perfect size and an even more perfect rent. However, it is on the second floor of the building, with only one large window. We have tons of ideas for great window displays (Helen is yelling something about Mardi Gras and masks as I write) but would they be seen from the street if we’re on the second floor? Also, if you’re a mother walking through town with your child in a stroller, are you going to make the trek up the stairs, either toting your toddler or the stroller? As we were weighing the pros & cons – price vs the problems of being above street level, one of the first floor tenants snuck in and snagged our space! It was less than a week from the first time we saw the space, but “them’s the breaks!”

So, since we still had time, we moved on and broadened our scope of search area.


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