Monthly Archives: June 2011


Other than summer jobs, I have always worked a Monday through Friday schedule. Saturdays and Sundays might be full of plans, but they were not associated with work in any way.

Since opening the Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals store in Red Bank, Helen and I are working 7 days a week. There is no way we can afford to pay for help at this point, so if the store is going to be open, we are going to be in it.

Having the break of the weekend helped me keep track of the days. Now, I can tell you we’re in June and will probably get within a day or two of the date, but telling you a day of the week? Not a chance. Half the time I think it’s Friday, the other half I’m sure it’s Monday. Obviously, the other five days do not exist in my little fantasy world.

Is being in a permanent state of confusion as to what day it is an acceptable trade-off for working for myself? Oh yes! However, if you overhear me mumbling about Fridays and Mondays, please pay me no mind. Just point me in the general direction of a calendar and I’ll muddle my way through somehow.

-Mary Beth