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What your favorite animal says about you

Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals loves animals, both plush and living! If you’ve stumbled into our blog, chances are you do too! Has anyone ever told you that you and your pet are similar? Yes, it could be that you both have brown hair, but it’s probably more than that! Each animal symbolizes unique qualities that you might possess as well as your pet or favorite animal. Take a minute to think about what animal is your absolute favorite. If your favorite is not your pet, it’s okay, we won’t tell!


The cat symbolizes spiritual power and freedom. That is probably no surprise, because anyone who has a cat knows they are very independent. Your cat probably comes around whenever a pet is needed or it’s time to eat. Otherwise, they are basking in the sun or dozing off. Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. If the cat is your favorite, come visit Tabitha at the store, or on our Facebook page – she loves visitors!


No surprise here – the dog symbolizes a companion and guardian. Since dogs were domesticated they have been put in a position of protection and are associated with loyalty to their owners. Did you know dogs view their owners and families as other dogs? Your dog considers you leader of the pack, and would do anything to protect you! Are you looking for a guardian, or are you one? Spike and Drusilla, our dogs, hang out with us at the store Friday and Saturday nights.


Dolphins visit New Jersey beaches every once in a while and they frequent the waters of Cape May. These animals symbolize a fun loving and free spirit. According to Native American culture, the dolphin represents joy, harmony and a connection with one’s higher self. Dolphins are highly intelligent and have their own complex language.


You probably wouldn’t think of this, but if you love fish, they have an interesting symbolic meaning. Fish represent immortality and a connection to the earliest forms of life. That connection has lasted centuries and therefore, you could be a survivor!


Horses are viewed as strong and beautiful creatures in our society. Symbolically, horses are independence and a willingness to work. Did you know horses are divided into three categories? Hot bloods are known for speed and endurance. Cold bloods are draft horses and warm bloods are riding horses.


The turtle, however slow, is a strong and triumphant animal. They represent invulnerability to attack, steadfast effort and inevitable success. It is no wonder turtles can live up to 150 years. Are you a steady and strong personality – however long it takes to get where you’re going?


Nobody likes to be called a pig, but maybe we should! Pigs symbolize honor, happiness and generosity. They are actually very intelligent animals. The pig loves to see a satisfied and happy owner. There are approximately 2 billion pet pigs worldwide.


No shock here either – the rabbit symbolizes reproductive power and fertility. Did you know in Ancient Rome the hare was the animal of Venus, the goddess of love?


Why do we love monkeys so much? Kids and adults alike adore monkeys, and many wish they could be kept as pets. Maybe it’s because monkeys symbolize fun, activity, energy and charm. Monkeys have a natural curiosity and can be rebellious. If you love monkeys, chances are you have a lot of friends.

Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals has a wide variety of products for all animal lovers: child and adult. Whether you’re looking for a stuffed horse for your niece, animal inspired jewelry for yourself, or you feel connected to an animal like one on this list, and want to incorporate it into your home or garden, we have something for you! Even our best buds, like Tabitha, hang out at the store, and would love to see you!