Monarch Butterfly Pin by Bamboo Jewelry

In the United States, the first three generations of Monarch Butterflies each year live between two and six weeks. The 4th generation can live up to eight months because they have to make the monumental migration back to Mexico. Even though they have never been there before, they instinctively know to make their way to the same spot their ancestors left in the Spring. (An easy to follow presentation can be found on here)

Monarch Butterfly Handpuppet by Folkmanis

If you’re lucky and you’re on the migration path, you can see hundreds and hundreds of Monarch Butterflies flying through your town. Since they fly thousands of miles before they get home, it’s no wonder that several have stopped by Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals for a bit of a rest before they hit the road again.

Monarch Butterfly Fingerpuppet from Folkmanis

Come on in to see all our beautiful Monarchs and while you’re here, say hi to their biggest fan.

Tabitha watching for the Monarch Butterflies


Posted by Mary Beth


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