Did you know, that in addition to getting a beautifully made puppet, when you buy a Folkmanis product, you get a story as well? Included with the puppet is a tag filled with interesting facts and a story you can use to start you on your puppeteering journey.

Earth Dragon

This majestic monster has the story of The Wishing Stone by Madeleine Scott:


Long ago, a young musician traveling through the deep forest was over-taken by a storm, but luckily found a cave for shelter. Waiting for the storm to pass, he sat and strummed his lyre as he sang in a pure and beautiful voice. The music woke a dragon of great power whose lair was deep within, piled high in precious stones. In truth, dragons love song even mover than jewels. And so, when the scaly head loomed over the trembling youth, …. and the dragon spoke:

What do you think the dragon said? Leave your guess in the comments and check back tomorrow for the end of the story and see if you were right! Or, if you can’t wait until tomorrow, stop by the store and check the tag for yourself.


posted by Mary Beth


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