Tabitha has been banned from the store recently due to her daredevil attempts to reach the street every time anyone opens the door. We have added a screen door to our entry way in a bid to keep her inside and are watching her closely whenever she is in the store. So if someone comes barreling at you as you enter, screaming “STOP!”, look down and see if there’s a small black blur heading towards the door.

Yesterday, Tabitha came in for the Fair Trade Red Bank meeting. She immediately scouted out the important parts of the store – her food bowl was full and in the same spot, no one had touched her fleece on the floor in the back room, yet (complete fail on our part) there was stuff in her chair! Imagine a baby black cat stamping off to her corner in disgust!

After that, she set out to see what other changes we had made while she’d been gone. The top shelf of the back room needed a lot of inspection.

Ok, now what? How on earth do I get down from here?

Then there was the ten foot ladder. Was it up to code?

Is it me or is the world a little off kilter?

She sat on the back stairs waiting for her prince to come … but that didn’t happen.

Waiting for the world to go by - yet nothing's happening!

And, of course, examining the top of bear’s head. Who knows what he’s gotten into since she last was here!

WHAT??!! Your bear statue doesn't come with a cat? You obviously don't shop in the right stores.

Most importantly, she came out and put on a show for the ladies who came to the meeting. They have been huge fans of hers since she first arrived and they like to check in with her occasionally.

You never know what will be happening when you stop by Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals.


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