Geared for Imagination is one of our favorite suppliers. Their Deglingos are a fan favorite, with Jambonos garnering a huge following. Recently, they became the exclusive US distributor for Happy Horse, a company that creates super-cuddly soft toys.

Based in the Netherlands and begun in 1963, Happy Horse started by importing pyjama bags from Japan. They then expanded the collection with soft puppets and cuddly pets that they designed themselves.

Dina Dinosaur

It didn’t take long for Happy Horse to grow into a leading designer label for cuddly pets and soft toys. Happy Horse guarantees a constantly updated collection of plush pets, toys and compliant articles, kept up to date by a team of top designers who know all about trends and classics.

Dino Dinosaur

We are excited to be carrying some of the Dragon collection, specifically Dino & Dina Dinosaur and Drago Dragon.


Drago Dragon

At 8″ high, they are perfect for the little one in your life, especially when paired with some of our “That’s Not My ….” books from Usborne:)

















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