The History of Puppeteering

Puppets date back such a long time that everybody has grown up with some sort of puppetry in their life. Whether you’ve made sock puppets, or put on a full puppet show, you’ve probably seen the magic it brings. Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals loves puppets! We have a wide variety of great puppets that will enchant children and adults alike. Do you know where puppets and puppeteering came from? We do! And we want to share that with you.

As far as historians know, the earliest puppets were found in China and India, but they were probably used way before that. From China and India puppets traveled all over the world! In 384 BC Aristotle wrote about puppets in his book “On the Motion of Animals.” Can you believe puppets have been around for that long?

Puppeteering began with shadow puppets, which are a 2D cut out that is used in front of a light in order to cast a shadow on a wall. From here, we got 3D puppets and then marionettes. We know that jesters even used puppets to entertain the King! Puppets were also used to teach kids about the bible in a way they could understand it. The most popular puppet show is still the nativity. It wasn’t until the 14th and 15th centuries that puppeteers turned to comedy.

There are SO many different kinds of puppets! First you have your finger puppets, which are just a sleeve on your finger. From finger puppets you have hand and glove puppets, and sock puppets. The Sound of Music made marionette puppets popular. You’ve most likely heard of ventriloquist dummies, which can seem more like humans than puppets!

You’ll find a lot of puppets on television too. From the first time color T.V became popular, Howdy Doody was entertaining kids everywhere! Howdy Doody was the first successful children’s T.V show and featured a puppet as the main character. You could have found Howdy Doody on T.V from 1947 all the way until 1960! After Howdy Doody came Sesame Street, which featured an entire cast of puppets! The Muppet Show followed Sesame Street and then came Fraggle Rock!

Fragile Earth just got in new Folkmanis puppets! Folkmanis creates animal puppets that look so lifelike you might never know the difference. Folkmanis is the most award-winning puppet makers in the entire world! Head into Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals to check out all of our new Folkmanis puppets, your kids are sure to love them, and so will you! You can also order them directly from our website as well as all of our other items including JellyCats! ‘Like’ us on Facebook to learn more about us and our cuddly stuffed animals.


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