Monthly Archives: November 2011


Yesterday was our holiday photo shoot at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals. We joined forces with Laura and Marlee of Laura Vitucci Photography to offer customers a great deal on getting pictures taken by a professional photographer. Since they were taking place in an awesome toy store, we offered our stuffed animals as props for the pictures.

Laura and Marlee were wonderful at getting the kids to smile and pose for the camera. It’s very difficult not to smile when Twickety is singing to you!

If you're happy and you know it, clap your wings!

It was a hectic day, with kids running about and props passing back and forth! The most popular by far was our rocking horse from Gund.

However, I think my favorite may be my nephew in his University of Maryland jacket and surrounded by Terps (all the turtles we could find in the store). I may be a little biased on that count!

I can’t wait for the proofs to come back and to see all those happy, smiling faces.