Advent Calendar Day 1 – Paper Chains

Growing up, we looked forward to getting the chocolate advent calendars my grandmother would deliver every December 1st. Having five brothers and sisters meant you didn’t get to open every door but it was still exciting to see what the calendar would reveal each night.

Here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, we can’t give each of you a chocolate filled advent calendar. But we can give you a month full of fun and family friendly activities to do with your loved ones. Some of them may already be a part of your holiday traditions and others will be brand new. But all of them can be done with things you can find around the house. Several of them we got from other websites and we will link to those sites where appropriate. All of the ideas will first be posted on our Facebook Page with in-depth instructions listed here on the blog.

So, without further ado, let’s begin day one.


We used to make these in kindergarten all the time, getting glue and paste ALL OVER THE PLACE! With a little help from a grown-up and a stapler, this can be a lot less messy.

  • Start by cutting out 24 strips of paper about 2″ wide. I just made mine the length of a page.
  • When you’ve got your strips,  fold one over in a circle and staple it.
  • Feed your second strip through the first and repeat previous step.
  • Continue like this until all 24 strips are used.

Then, find the perfect spot to hang your chain. Every night, before you go to bed, take one link off the chain. Counting down the days until Christmas can be fun!

*Variations: If you celebrate Hanukkah, make the chain only 20 links long as Hanukkah starts on December 21st this year. 
Magazine ads make interesting, colorful strips 
Numbering the strips before assembling the chain allows for number recognition and counting possibilities.
Posted by Mary Beth

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