Advent Calendar Day Two – Feed the Birds!

Do you ever wonder what birds eat during the winter? In Bear’s First Christmas, the main character – bear – helps his new friends find food  in the snow and ice.  Today, we’re making a present for our feathered friends, to help them find food easily.


  1. Cut a piece of yarn about twice the length of your arm.
  2. Wrap one end with a piece of tape – this will make it easy to feed through the cheerios.
  3. String the first cheerio – take it about 3/4 of the way down the yarn and tie the end around the cheerio.
  4. I’ve left quite a bit at the end so we’ll have a tail to tie to the branch.
  5. Thread the cheerios onto the yarn, leaving a long tail on the other end as well. Tie off around the last cheerio, as with the first.
  6. Find a branch that you can see from the window. Tie your cheerio offering onto the branch and watch to see who comes to eat it.
  7. If you want to have even more fun, do this with some friends.

    Story Time 12/2/11

    Story Time 12/2/11


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