Advent Calendar Day Four – Bird Ornaments

Do your kids like making decorations for the house? Here’s a fast, easy bird ornament (you can make it red for a cardinal, white for a dove, or any color you choose) we found on, that can be as involved as your kids’ imaginations.

Start by printing the template


and cut it out. I printed mine right onto red paper.

When your pieces are cut out, punch a hole in the bird right above the slot for the wings.

and thread a piece of ribbon through the hole, long enough to make a loop to hang on the tree.

I used curling ribbon so I could make the end pieces a little fancier than just a simple knot.

Decorate the bird as you wish. I used tiny little googly eyes, but you can use a sequin and a tiny bead instead.

I also added a line of glitter glue along the ruffle of the wings to make him look like he got a dusting of snow.

Slide the two pieces together and, if you like, add a small piece of tape under each wing for durability.

The finished product looks like it took much more time and effort than it actually did – my favorite kind of project:)

This bird could be made of stiff felt or craft foam for a more permanent ornament.


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