Advent Calendar Day 5 – Preparing for St. Nicholas Day

For day 5 of Advent, here’s a nice tradition to start (or continue, as the case may be.)

December 6th is St Nicholas Day. Children in other countries believe that St Nicholas comes by on the night of December 5th and, if they’ve behaved themselves over the year, will leave small presents and chocolates. If the children have not been good, he leaves them a tree branch. He walks through the towns leading a donkey laden with gifts. The children, in preparation, leave out a pair of shoes for St Nicholas to fill. They often leave straw in the shoes for the donkey as well.

There are many myths and legends surrounding St Nicholas. Some of them have him stepping in and saving (or restoring) children from a grisly fate. In France and other countries, he is seen as a protector of children.

If you’ve been good this year, you could leave a pair of shoes outside – just in case St Nicholas stopped by. Just remember, he only brings small toys or candy on St Nicholas day.


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