Advent Calendar Day 8 – Candy Cane Ornament

Here it is December 8th and for our Advent Calendar today, we’re making a candy cane signpost ornaments. This ornament will take a little bit more work, because it involves painting and cutting of popsicle sticks. Start with two popsicle sticks …

Paint one stick white and one stick green … (notice how our backdrop magically turns to red to keep the green from disappearing into the background. We’re cool that way!)

Once the white paint dries, use the red paint to make stripes, like a candy cane.

Cut the green popsicle stick into the approximation of an arrow. From far away, mine isn’t too bad but up close, it’s a mess! My trick is to put my less than perfect ornaments at the top of the tree so the flaws are hidden.

Write “North Pole” on with dark marker. Mine is in purple because I couldn’t find the black. Then, just glue the two pieces together.

If you are like me and  a less than proficient gluer, be careful. I glued the ornament to my finger. And then I got glue all over the top of it, so I simply added the ribbon I’m going use to hang it in the end. (Have you noticed that Gorilla Glue is really good at gluing EVERYTHING to the skin, but not so much for anything else?)

Above all else, have fun:)

*project found at

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