Advent Calendar Day 9 – Start a New Holiday Tradition

Do you have any holiday traditions your family follows every year? Our family  has always decorated the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. Of course, now that we’re older and have silly little things like JOBS, not everybody is able to come every year, but we try. Dad unpacks all his Santa Clauses and we untangle lights. My mother finds the Christmas Trolls, and by the time we’re done, the house looks like Christmas.

One of our regulars at story time told us about her family tradition of trading ornaments. At Thanksgiving, everyone pulls someone else’s name out of a hat and has to buy or make them an ornament for Christmas.

We loved that idea and decided to do it with the kids today at story time. So we provided tree shaped ornaments, glitter glue, sequins and stickers and they provided the imagination. We showed them our samples

and then let them have at it.

After everyone was finished, they picked names out of a cup (and miraculously, no one picked their own name) and exchanged ornaments. They did such a great job,  we gave them the option of making a second to take home with them, which everyone accepted.

So, what are your family traditions for the holidays?


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