Advent Day Thirteen – Candy Kiss Mice


For Day 13, we’ve experimented with a sweet ornament to add to your Christmas tree. All the tasting was for quality control, I promise! How long will they last in your house, I wonder? Here, not so long.

For each mouse, you will need 2 candy kisses, a piece of curling ribbon, two ears made out of scrap paper, two eyes (googly eyes or sequins work well), and a piece of fishing wire as a hanger (not shown). You’ll also need some tape and a gluing agent. Since I know no one will be eating my mice, I used glue. For mice that little ones might pilfer, I’d suggest using a bit of frosting or the cake decorating gels you can get at the super market, as your “glue”.

Start by snipping the Hershey Kiss tags. Then tape the ears to the back of the front kiss (that’s not too confusing at all!) and add the eyes with bits of your “glue”.

Tape the fishing wire in a loop to the bottom of the back kiss. Either tape of “glue” the two kisses together on the flat bottom sides.

Using the flat edge a pair of scissors, run it along the ribbon to give the tail a curl. Then slide the ribbon into the foil of the back kiss.

Hang these little guys in your tree and wait to see how long it takes your kids to find them. Or if you wanted to add a special surprise to their lunch one day, I bet this is one mouse they wouldn’t mind finding in their lunch box!

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