Advent Calendar Day 14 – Pom Pom Snowman

To make a snowman ornament, you will need the following items:

3 white pom poms

1 smaller red pom pom

a circle of red felt, slightly larger than the red pom pom

a small triangle of orange felt

a needle and thread (about 2 feet long)

a piece of colorful yarn – I used apple green which doesn’t show up as well in this picture as I would like

a small bead (I used one in the shape of a leaf)

a black marker

glue (not shown)

Start by tying the thread to the bead, leaving a long tail, and feed the needle up through the middle of the red pom pom. Then feed it back through going down

and sew the pom pom to the red circle of felt. This will be the snowman’s hat.

Then feed the needle through the first white pom pom (the head)

and through the next two pom poms ending at the bottom of the snowman. Sew back up the snowman and the red felt, winding up just under the red pom pom.

Tie your thread to the tail you left at the beginning, leaving enough to make a loop for hanging your ornament.

Using the black marker, make dots for coal eyes, smile, and buttons. Tie the yarn around your snowman’s neck for a scarf and glue the orange felt to the face for a carrot nose.

Doesn’t she look dashing? Pretty cool for a fast, easy project!

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