TURTLE RACING – Day 2 of National Craft Month March 2012

Have fun making paper turtles and then see who is fastest at pulling them across the room.

You’ll need two shades of green paper, a small plate or bowl to trace the shell, some string (I used ribbon), and something to wrap the string around (paint stirrer).

Trace a circle onto one of the pieces of green paper

and cut it out. Cut straight into the middle of the circle,

overlap the edges a bit, and tape. This will make a slightly conical shell for the turtle.

Freestyle draw a turtle body on the 2nd piece of green paper. Remember, this is for kids so it doesn’t have to be perfect (thank god!)

Cut out your turtle and staple the shell to his back.

Punch a hole somewhere on the turtle and tie on the string. Since I had pretty yellow ribbon, I gave him a rakish bow. Make the string as long as you want the race to be. The longer the string, the longer the race. Tie the other end of the string to the winder. I used a paint stirrer but use whatever you have on hand – empty paper towel rolls, a stick, anything will work.

To race, line the turtles up on a line and walk carefully until the string is taut. Then, on your signal, have each child carefully roll his winder, wrapping the string around it. The one to get his turtle across the room first, wins!

On your mark, get set, WIND!


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