Under the Sea Mobile – Day 8 of National Craft Month March 2012

We’re going to take this motley bunch of items and turn them into an Under the Sea Mobile. What you will need: colorful construction paper, 4 pieces of ribbon, a straw, art supplies (sequins, glitter glue, feathers, etc.), glue, scissors & hole-punch

Cut circles out of blue and green construction paper. I traced a small paper plate to get this size. Then draw a curlicue on each.

Cut along the lines on both the blue and the green and release the hidden curls!

Tie ribbons on either end of the straw.

Punch holes in your curls and feed the two pieces of ribbon through.

*Aside: For every project’s pictures, there has to be one that is slightly blurry. True fact – it’s the law!

Cut a fish out of your colored paper. I chose to make one large one but you can make multiple smaller fish if you prefer.

Use your craft supplies to decorate your fish. Don’t forget his face!

Punch a hole in his back and string ribbon through.

Tie the ribbon to the straw and use the fourth piece as a hanger.


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