Stand Alone Elephant – Day 12 of National Craft Month March 2012

In planning our 31 Days of Crafting, we looked all over for fun crafts for kids. Some we found on the Internet (Pinterest is a fantastic resource), some are throwbacks from my teaching days, and some we found in books that we sell in the store. Today’s craft comes from Usborne’s Preschool Activities Book Animal Fun

I think I’ll make the Stand Alone Elephant.

You will need a piece of heavy paper or card stock. Fold it in half

and starting at the fold, draw the shape of an elephant. Then add the head and trunk. It doesn’t look like he’s going to have a very big head, but looks can be deceiving!

Cut out the shape of your elephant.

Open it out and lay it flat.

Fold a piece of yarn in half and twist it together, tying at the end. Then tape the looped part to the inside of you elephant. Fold it in half again so the lines you drew are now inside his body.

Using a different color piece of paper, cut out two ears.

Fold a flap into the side of each ear and glue it to either side of the body.

Add eyes by using craft supplies or a marker. I used a large sequin but a marker looks just as good. Draw in a smile!

Wouldn’t these make great placecards for a jungle themed party?


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