Pipe Cleaner Bracelet – Day 13 National Craft Month March 2012

Today we have decided to start a trend that will REVOLUTIONIZE the friendship bracelet world.  Ok, so maybe revolutionize is a tad strong…

We are going to make Pipe Cleaner Bracelets.  All you need are two pencils and two different colored pipe cleaners.

Step 1 – Take the two pencils and tape them together like this:

Step 2 – Lay the two pipe cleaners side by side and twist them together at one end.

Step 3 – Put the pencils between the pipe cleaners, close to the twisted part and twist the pipe cleaners tightly next to the pencils three times.

Step 4 – Pull out the pencils and put them in between the pipe cleaners and twist.

Step 5 – Keep on doing this to the end.  Press the twisted pipe cleaners flat.

Step 6 – Bend the two ends together into a circle and twist the ends together.


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