Paper Flower Chain – Day 14 of National Craft Month March 2012

Last week, Helen made a set of Pirate Flags for her craft project. With the weather being so nice and my mind stuck on Spring, I thought I’d do another garland, but one for those of us  who are a little more flowery and a little less ARGH!

You will need to cut out circles in three different sizes so I’m using the outer and inner rims of a small paper plate and the bottom of a paper cup as templates.

I cut out the middle of the paper plate so I now have my large & medium size circles on one piece.

Trace the three sizes of circles on coordinating paper colors. I decided to use a blue, yellow, purple & green because I’m REALLY in the mood for Spring!

Cut out the circles and glue the medium circle to the middle of the large circle.

Then glue the small circle into the middle of the medium circle. You now have something that resembles a bulls-eye.

For petals, cut thin triangles into the largest circle. Only go as far as the medium circle.

When you’re done, it should look something like this. Now put together the rest of your flowers. I cut enough for 8 flowers.

Take two plastic drinking straws and cut them into quarters.

Tape a piece of the straw onto the back of each of your flowers.

Using yarn, string, ribbon (whatever you have on hand), thread the ribbon through the straw. Tie a knot on either side so the flower can’t move down the string.

A double knot did the trick.

When you’ve got all the flowers strung, hang your garland on the wall to brighten up your room. Look, a little bit of Spring landed on my cash counter!

I found this craft in one of the activity books we sell in the store- 50 Rainy Day Activities from Usborne Books.

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