Paper Plate Penguins – Day 17 of National Craft Month March 2012

Today for story time, we’re going to be reading books about penguins so my craft had to reflect that.

To make these perky pals, you’ll need two paper plates, some orange construction paper, a black crayon, two paper reinforcing circles, & 3 brads.

Start by coloring one entire plate black.

Cut out the inner circle of the colored plate, but don’t throw out the rim. We’ll be using it in just a moment.

Glue the smaller black circle to the top of the white plate. This is now the penguin’s head. I had to add a staple to make the plates stick together as the glue I used wasn’t doing a very good job.

Use the reinforcing circles as eyes. Then cut out a triangle from the orange construction paper for the beak.

Cut the colored rim in half, then cut one piece in half again. Round the edges and line them up for the penguin’s arms. Using a hole punch, make a hole and use two of the brads to attach the arms to the penguin.

Round either end of the remaining piece of rim. Using the hole punch and the third brad, attach your penguin’s feet to the bottom of the white plate.

My penguin’s name is Percy:)


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