Daisy Paper Chains – Day 20 National Craft Month March 2012

Today we are celebrating 70º days in March and the first day of Spring by making paper daisy chains.

These daisy chains and other great crafts can be found in Usborne’s 50 Rainy Day Activities.

Materials needed:  white paper, green and yellow markers, scissors and tape.

Step One – Fold your paper in half, with its short edges together.

Step Two – Fold the paper in half again.

Step Three – Draw a daisy near the top of the paper.  Add a thick stem to each side.  Then draw more daisies below.

Step Four – Using scissors, cut around all the daisies, but don’t cut along the folds at the ends of the stems.  Open out the daisy chains and using a yellow marker, add the middles of the daisies.

Step Five – Fill in the stems with a green marker.

Step Six – Tape the chains together to make one long chain.

A quick and easy craft that little girls will love.


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