Pipe Cleaner Flowers – Day 21 of National Craft Month March 2012

When I was growing up, our yard was covered with violets.

We would pick them and sit at the top of the driveway and sell bunches of the violets to people as they walked by.

I think we sold them for $.05-.10 a bunch.

We would beg my mother to loan us her vases so they would look pretty.

I still can’t believe anyone bought them from us – we looked like urchins!

I remember picking daffodils from a neighbor’s yard and bringing them home to my mother. I thought she would be so pleased but she was furious that I picked someone else’s flowers without their consent.

It took quite a few years watching her work on her garden before I realized what I had done. My mother put a lot of time and effort into her flowers, which were beautiful, and I learned how a careless action (like mine) could damage a garden.

These pipe cleaner flowers take a lot less time to “grow” than the ones in nature.

And if someone takes yours, you can easily replace it.

Make more than one and put them together in a bouquet.

Have fun and happy spring!


I got this idea from Martha Stewart’s Website – she was making them into rings but I went with plain flowers.

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