Fireflies – Day 23 of National Craft Month March 2012

When we were kids, we loved playing outside at night with our cousins.

But it was something that was reserved for summer time nights at the beach.

I don’t remember ever playing outside after dark at home.

One of our favorite games was Ghost in the Graveyard.

One person was IT and stood on base, counting around the clock twice (1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, …. noon, 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock …. midnight). Everyone else scattered and hid wherever they could, except under Maxie’s (my grandmother’s dog) stairs because that place was seriously scary! Once midnight was reached, IT had to try to catch people before they made it back to base.

When you were IT, you had to wander around the yard as people popped out of their hiding spots and tried to make it around you to safety. This is the kind of game that never worked as well in the daylight.

And we always knew it was dark enough to play when the fireflies came out!

Craft idea and instructions from the blog Inner Child Fun. She does all sorts of amazing crafts with her kids so go over there and check them out. Pictures and poor attempt to do as well as her young child are all me.

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