Paper Lotus Flowers – Day 27 National Craft Month March 2012

Last week, at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, it was 70°, last night it was 29°.  What happened to Spring?  That’s what we want to know.  In our search for Spring, we found this great craft idea on Better Homes and Gardens website.  In a few simple steps, you too can have a Paper Lotus Flower to decorate for Spring.

All you need are three different colored paper, scissors, yarn and a rubber band.  Note:  I used card stock and would suggest using a lighter stock paper because some of the folds were difficult with the heavy stock paper.

Step One – Select papers in three colors, one each for the leaves, outer petals, and inner petals (we used green, yellow and orange). From each color of paper, cut four 2-1/2 X 5-inch strips.

Step Two – Fold a strip in half so it forms a long rectangle. If there is a wrong side to the paper, fold so that the right side faces in.

Step Three – Fold one corner back so the edge is flush with the crease. Repeat with the remaining corners.

Step Four – Fold a long edge up to meet the crease. Repeat with the other long edge. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 for all 12 paper strips.

Step Five –  Hold one inner petal strip (ours is orange) with the right side up, and nest an outer petal strip (yellow) in the fold. Then nestle a leaf strip (green) in the outer petal strip. (It will look a bit like a paper taco when you’re finished.) Tuck in all corners. Repeat for the rest of the strips until there are four sets of nested petals and leaves.

Step Six – Create a lotus “heart” (center) by cutting several 2-inch-long pieces of yarn; tie them together at the midpoint with an 8-inch length of yarn.  Sandwich the four nested sets with long sides are together and leaves up; secure in the center with a rubber band., Tie the yarn heart to the rubber band. Make a star out of the paper sandwich by separating the points and lightly creasing them into a star shape. Flip the flower over so that the right sides of the papers are facedown and the yarn heart is on top.

Step 7 – To make the lotus flower “bloom,” gently pry the inner petals (ours are orange) from the outer petals, bending them up and toward the center.

Step Eight – Then pry the (yellow) outer petals from the (green) leaves, also bending them up and toward the yarn heart, leaving the leaves flat. Adjust the petals and leaves as necessary.

Thanks to Better Homes and Garden for this great craft idea.


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