Beaded Key Chain – Day 30 National Craft Month March 2012

I first did this project at our Valentine’s Day party. I was going to use wire but worried about the kids scratching/poking themselves. So, on a whim, I tried stringing beads on a pipe cleaner and it was so much easier than I  imagined.

You will need a pipe cleaner, beads, and a key ring (found at craft stores)

First, shape your pipe cleaner into the approximate shape you want to make. I originally planned on making a flower (hence all the red/pink/white beads) but then changed my mind because this looked so much like a dinosaur foot to me.

After you shape your key ring, start feeding beads onto the pipe cleaner.

You may lose the shape at times, but pipe cleaners are easily adjusted. Don’t forget to add the key ring. It’s a pain in the neck if you close up the shape before putting it on.

Twist together the two ends and fold them alongside the pipe cleaner. If you’re using pony beads, you should be able to slide a bead over the join to cover any sharp ends like I did.

Voila! Personal key rings that kids will have a ball making.


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