Crayon Relief Easter Egg – Day 31 National Craft Month March 2012

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to post the final craft for our National Craft Month project. I’m very proud of us for getting something up every day this month – there were a few days when it was iffy, but we did it, so messy high-fives all around.

Since we’re only a week away from Easter, today we’re doing an Easter Egg project that can be made into a card or a decoration.

You will need an egg shape cut out of construction paper, a white crayon, and watered down paint. White paper will show the colors best. Be sure to use construction paper because it’s porous and will hold the color. The paint will just roll off slicker papers (like copy paper or card stock).

Use the crayon to draw designs on the egg.

Brush a colored wash (watered down paint) across the egg. The designs will pop out of the color.

Cover the whole egg with color.

Don’t worry – it dries a bit lighter than when first brushed on the paper.

Glue the egg on a coordinating color of construction paper and turn it into an Easter card for a loved one.

This ends our 31 days of crafts. Join us next month for a new adventure. Rumor has it, everything may revolve around fun recipes to do with your kids:)


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