Bunny Rabbit Cake – April Recipes

We had such a good time doing the crafts in March that we thought we’d continue through April. Only, we’re going to do things a little differently this month. All these crafts will involve fun things you can make to eat with your kids. Some recipes you may have seen before – some may be brand new. We’ll try everything out and document the results:) If you’ve got a recipe you’d like us to make, let us know. We’re up for anything.

First up – Bunny Rabbit Cake

My sister-in-law’s birthday is this week and we wanted to make her a cake to celebrate. She loves rabbits, which is very good because they are relatively easy to make.

Start with your favorite round cake. We chose chocolate because … well, because we’re us and we love chocolate! You will need two round cakes.

The first cake round will be the head. The 2nd we’ll cut apart to make ears and a bow tie for the rabbit. You can see our marks for cutting on the cake on the right.

Find something on which to lay the cake. Immediately realize you don’t have anything big enough and decide the bow tie isn’t that important. Eat the bow tie to make sure the cake came out properly. Quality control is VERY IMPORTANT in baking.

Ice the cake using an icing you like. We chose whipped cream because it goes so well with chocolate fudge cake. And it’s easy to spread. But if you’re a buttercream or Betty Crocker fan, go for it.

Don’t forget the edges, especially between the ears. We had to go back and fix that after we thought we were all done.

Use small candies for the facial features. We had jellybeans and non-pareils on hand for Easter so we used them.

Updated 4/3: The cake was  a huge hit and my sister-in-law was really surprised with it.

We found the idea on Pinterest  where we seem to spend a lot of our time these days!


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