Fun Recipes for Food Shaped Like Panda Bears

If you look around the internet, you will find food in just about any shape you can imagine. Some you may view unintentionally and will then never be able to erase the images from your mind. Others stay with you for good reasons. This week, since we’re celebrating the panda here at Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, I typed panda recipe and crossed my fingers I wouldn’t find anything for actual panda ala The Freshman

Just about anything Bakerella puts her hand to comes out looking gorgeous!

Panda cupcakes from

She makes it look so easy and yet, mine never come out looking like hers. However, I haven’t practiced enough so maybe in time …..

For all you bread makers out there, how about a little panda in your bread?

Panda bread from

Panda bread from

And for the cookie lover, I present —

Panda cookies from

So, for all you adventurous spirits, go forth and make pandas! And if you’re in the Red Bank area, stop by and share!


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