“Stand Back” Said The Elephant “I’m Going to Sneeze!”

This week is going to be all about the mighty elephant.  We’re kicking the week off with some fun books about elephants.  Normally, we keep our book lists to children’s books but this week we have to start off with two of our favorite books of all time.

Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen (please read before seeing the movie)

Ninety-something-year-old Jacob Jankowski remembers his time in the circus as a young man during the Great Depression, and his friendship with Marlena, the star of the equestrian act, and Rosie, the elephant, who gave them hope.

Modoc: The Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived by Ralph Helfer

Chronicles the life and times of an elephant and her devoted companion and trainer, who journeyed from a small German circus town to international stardom in the Greatest Show on Earth to a tragic twenty-year separation

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.  Some of our favorite children’s book about elephants.

“Stand Back,” Said The Elephant “I’m Going to Sneeze!” By Patricia Thomas

The last time the elephant sneezed, he blew monkeys out of the trees, stripes off the zebra, and spots off the leopard. This rollicking new edition of the favorite nonsense verse again shows the panic that follows the elephant’s dreaded announcement.

But No Elephants by Jerry Smath

Grandma Tildy finally agrees to take an unwanted elephant into her home, but soon regrets her decision.

Tarra & Bella:  The Elephant & Dog Who Became Best Friends by Carol Buckley

True Story – After retiring from the circus, Tarra became the first resident of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. When other elephants moved in and developed close friendships, only Tarra remained independent until the day she met a stray mixed-breed dog named Bella.

The Right Number of Elephants by Jeff Sheppard

A counting book in which a little girl relies on the help of some eager elephants.

We Are In A Book (An Elephant & Piggie Book) by Mo Willems

When Gerald the elephant and Piggie realize that they are in a book, they decide to have some fun with the reader. Be sure to check out all the other Elephant & Piggie books.

Ella The Elegant Elephant by Carmela D’Amico

Ella is nervous about the first day of school in her new town, but wearing her grandmother’s good luck hat makes her feel better–until the other students tease her and call her names.

Uncle Elephant by Arnold Lobel

After his nephew’s parents are thought to be lost at sea, Uncle Elephant takes the young elephant in and the two make a warm, loving home together

These are just some of our favorites.  What did we leave out?


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